Hi, this is Mizuki Kuroda! The last time I played “Wizard” and the last time “The crown is for you”. It was a very good game. The quality is overwhelmingly higher than the retro games I envisioned, and I think there are still a lot of people who like this about music the most. Although it is a retro game, there are too many good games !! This time I was looking for what I envisioned as “THE retro game”!

The seventh such retro game project is the MSX2 version released by HOT-B in 1989.Agony Monster Monmon MonsterIt can be purchased at the retro game store Project EGG for 440 yen (monthly fee not included).

Retro games quickly run on commercial computers, so in this series, Mouse Computer “muso F5-i5It will be used. The main specifications are equipped with Core i5-10210U, 8GB memory, 256GB SSD, Full HD LCD.Please refer to it when playing retro games

title screen

The story seems to be provisional, and the synopsis says: “The brilliant scientist Victor Frankenstein lived in a German castle in the 18th century. His research creates a new life in the world. One day, in the main character of this game. A benevolent Frankenstein was born , but a few months later the experiment failed. Devil’s heart was born Megaldo. Megardo killed his doctor and expelled his brother Frankenstein. Castle. I made a plan to feed humanity with the base. Franken, who should have expelled from the castle, sniffed out what it was and went to defeat his younger brother Megald. “, Begin an adventure to kill the enemy of the parent doctor and protect humanity.

It’s a bit of a serious story, but it’s actually an eagle game with handsome Franken as the main character. Franken’s weapons jump, punch (long range), power punch (throw stones diagonally upwards), and use these to capture all four stages.

Franken, the main character

When you start it, the game is about to start! You can use the number keys 4 and 6 to move left and right, 8 to enter the door, 2 to crouch, Shift to attack, and F6 to jump.

Have you all noticed this discomfort …

Jump with F6? Didn’t you hear ??

I will try …

F6 key is here

What is this ??

Support Shift and F6 itch!

Hands pressing F6

Is this the right answer?

The operation should be easy, but the hard level exploded with the F6 jump. Moreover, the key setting can only change the number on the numeric keypad, and the F6 in question remains out of control. When I tested it with the keyboard, the remaining machine became 0 in 3 minutes. Moreover, the maximum number of remaining machines is 9! Three are in one set.

If you’re used to the WASD specifications of recent games, you can’t make it for sure. Yes … I’m weak, so I couldn’t do this, so I switched to a pad as soon as possible. I really admire the person who made this game with an F6 jump in real time.

The map screen is the final key.

I opened the map

Simple ~. The simplest map I have ever seen.

The map is too simple

It is already the best. I thought that wasn’t a map, so I was silent for about 10 seconds. Once I knew it, I couldn’t stop laughing (laughs). I was wondering, isn’t that the case? (Laughs), but this was still useful in the second half!

Various things are hidden on the stage and can be obtained by breaking blocks and walls.

Items that increase the number of remaining aircraft

This object is a green mushroom in a tube game, with red clothes and an overcoat. The number of remaining aircraft will increase.

Items that enhance normal attacks

This item is a fire flower in a tuba suit, wearing red clothes and a jumpsuit. When you get it, the normal attack intensifies, and you can hit the enemy with a rotary attack.

As you strengthen yourself and heal yourself with many things, go to the stage manager! The enemy monsters that appear along the way are also beautiful. I want you to make it a stuffed animal.

As you follow the scenario, the difficulty level gradually increases, for example the enemies of small fish get stronger, cavities appear and hide doors, but the strength of the boss does not change much. A feeling that the attack pattern is changing. I was able to win by pressing the ball eating attack every time (What is a step article).

The boss can win by pressing

As an action, the difficulty level is not very high, and although there are some squirrel tricks, there is no devilish thing like ending up with one shot. I do not know where the chief room is, for I have taken the road from which I have come many times. Because the map is so rude, the maze element is stronger.

Even if you lose this enemy game and all the remaining machines are exhausted, you can restart from the beginning of the advanced stage, but the latter half is still difficult, so it is recommended to save often! The last 4 sides are almost every room in which I kept it. (smile)

OVO allows up to 10 quick savings. However this is a function linked now, and it seems that it has not been preserved in the past. If that happens, the difficulty level will increase considerably … I think it took twice as long to release. This is easy! For those who say, the difficulty level at that time may be the same!


The ending ends with Franken crying after the doctor’s serious and comical music! This image is also beautiful and I feel connected to Franken.

The challenging level is just right, and the lovely character is the LA retro game I envisioned! I think it’s okay if the RTA of this game is popular. It’s the most laughing job I’ve ever done! It was a lot of fun!

Thank you for visiting us again!

Impress eSports Club Women’s Retro Game Group “Aggressive Monster Monster Monster” first

Impress the e-sports club’s “Aggressive Monster Monster Monster” retro game group for the second time



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